Garage Door Screen Cleaning Tips


Note: The following suggestions are for screens made by Their are available  many screen companies that import screen from China and other countries that will not hold up to any type  of cleaning.

Remove all debris.

Your garage screen door is designed  to allow air to pass through your garage entrance , while preventing bugs, pests, and debris from entering your garage . Over time, however, those materials build up on the screen’s surface. As for the easiest way to remove them? Apply the soft brush fixture to your vacuum and run it over the mesh. However, suction isn’t always enough to get the job done. In addition to dust, there is also some level of oiliness or grease to which the dirt is clinging, you need follow up the vacuuming by washing screen  gently with a mixture of dish soap and hot water.


To clean your screen like a thoroughly , you’ll need some space: Find a large enough work space where you can place your  screen on the ground and easily navigate around it  be sure your area is clean, to prevent further soiling the screen. Your driveway or yard. usually works well . Alternatively you could also hang your screen over the clothes line. It is likely your screen will be dirty, be sure to    lay out set of towels or a tarp    so that it has a place to dry once it is clean, wait for a sunny day , which will expedite the drying process.


We suggest microfiber cloth or sponge and a soapy water mixture of 1/4 cup of dish soap and a half-gallon of water. Apply gentle, circular motions while cleaning to get rid of the grime. Rinse the screens using your garden hose to remove any leftover soap residue and repeat if necessary,” he says.  When you have finished, put the clean screens on a clean towel  fence or tarp or leave on the cloths line  to air dry. Or if your are in a hurry you can dry your screen like Frank at www.garagedoorscreens .com does and use your leaf blower


If your screen has zippers

It is advisable to lubricate your zippers using wax or one of the many fine choices of zipper lubricant available on



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