Insects aren’t the only trouble these garage door screens can help defend against.  Open garage doors can allow dirt, grime, leaves and other unwanted materials into a garage.

A garage screen will also keep out unwated blowing debris for your neighborhood trees.

No need for bug sprays, candles, citronella and mosquito chasers.

Many homeowners keep their cars in the garage to keep them clean and safe. Allowing a garage to become filled with dirt and debris is counter-intuitive. Using a screen door will make maintaining a clean space easier, saving time and money.

Many homeowners and renters keep or store their cars, motorcycles and motorized toys in their garage to keep them clean and away from thieves.  A garage screen can defer the thief and keep the blowing debris out.

Additional Space at a inexpensive price

A garage door screen is an low cost and easy method of creating more space in the home.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on home additions such as a work room, man cave,  finished basement,enclosed porch you can invest in a garage door screen and reap the rewardsof a sizable living space. With home prices rising in most areas, the usable space that it provides can truly change the  price and  character of your home.

You may also see your electic bill reduced.  A garage screen is an excellent way to allow air flow on  warmer days.

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