I love my screen! My Garage is a carport with lattice on the sides, that we built specificaly for summer use. The screen looks so wonderful and is so functional! Unfortunately I live in Buffalo where winter is right upon us. I have had to dismantle my screen and put it into storage for the winter. I would be happy to take pictures for you in thw spring. A REAL QUALITY PRODUCT!!!!


Dear Frank,

I would like to thank you for the screens its the best thing I ever had .We sat in the garage all summer with no bugs i have told all my friends about them they are great and so easy to put up and thank you again .

P.S. I don’t have a camera.

Jim Baber

149 Madison St Petersburg MI. 49270

I have removed the screens for the winter. They were great. We have many summer cookouts, etc., and it keeps the bugs out, and gives us another area to entertain… It also allows us to open the doors from the house that lead to the attached garage, so we have more ventilation. It’s like adding another room. Great product… no complain


The custom screen I ordered is perfect. Thanks for getting it to me, ahead of promised date!


Clint Johnson

Retired USAF Msg

I first bought a cheap screen from a catalog company for my garage. That didn’t last. I went on line and found your company and the screen is worth the money. I run a doggy daycare and the dogs are constantly running through the opening and it never shows wear.

I wanted to just send a quick note. We LOVE the screen you shipped to us! For our huge garage door, those pesky flies were driving us nuts! Not only have we cut down the amount of flies in the garage to almost none, but we’ve also cut down on the number of flies in the house, since we all mainly use the garage to enter the house! We almost sold this house because of the fly problem, but now, we can hang out in the garage and work on anything, without spending half the time swatting flies! The only thing the screen doesn’t stop is the spiders on the ground, but that’s ok, they don’t eat much!!

This is the BEST $200 we have ever spent!

Thanks for the excellent product, and quick shipping to us. You’ve made our lives much happier!!

Jim Mason


Dear Friends,

I recently ordered a 16/8 garage door screen from you and am very pleased with your product. I was able to install the screen in about 20 minutes start to finish. What a snap! Along with keeping the insects out of our garage, it has also kept flys and mosquitoes from getting into our house FROM the garage. We purchased the screen because we were planning a graduation party for our daughter, and the weatherman predicted showers. Renting or purchasing a tent was too costly and too much hassle. We knew our garage would be a good place to set up some tables in case of rain but were concerned about bugs. We looked up “Garage door screens” on Google and your website came up. When I phoned, your salesman was very helpful and our order was here in 2 days. Thanks again for a great product. My in-laws will be calling you soon to purchase their own as I have recommended your product and company highly.

Grace & Peace,

Rev. Steven Taylor

Good Morning Frank,

We received our screen in this morning’s mail. My wife and I really want to say “Thank You” for the kind and prompt… service. Let’s Face it, any one can have a defect or flaw in “anything” they purchase. But it’s the “service” that one relies on when something is wrong.

We recently retired. I served the company I was with for 19 years. 17 of those as a plant superintendent and the last 2 as a customer service tech. Traveling, putting on dealer service schools, etc. So I know first hand what customer service is and how important it is for a product. So again… Thank you so very much for the wonderful service(and product) you have given us.

Tom and Sandy McCarthy

Thank you and many thanks to Judy for her artistry and skill, on her sewing machines. Please give me a call at your convenience.
Von Martt


Sorry about the delay in following up–the screen arrived on time and we installed it in about an hour–very nice, high quality product, and my mom loves the ease of use, too.

Thank you again!

Ed Kaufhold

Thank you Frank we received our screens yesterday have not put the up yet but i think they will be great.


Screens arrived today. Thanks for the quick turn around. I will let you know how they work after my new garage is finished at my lake place in the UP later this summer.

Thanks again.


Thank you for our “custom-sized” back porch screens. We live on a lake and have lots of bugs. We look forward to enjoying our porch this summer — bug free!! As you requested, pictures are attached. We also have your screens on our two-car and one-car garage doors.


Marvi Moore

Wow, Frank — exceptional customer service. Thanks so much!

Attached are pictures of the screen. Really works and looks great! Have a great afternoon.
Chuck Burnett


I received the screens for my 7 x 7 and 16 x 9 doors last Friday. Installed the Velcro tape Saturday am and actually “jumped the gun” and installed screens Saturday evening, they were just exactly what I’d expected, NO MORE BUGS !! Thanks for all your help and the quick response, I will recommend your company highly to anyone that inquires. Also, thanks for suggesting the additional two inches width, they fit perfectly :>).

Thanks Again,


Allen and Glenda McBride


I received both screens and I am very pleased. Thanks for the good job.


You guys are the greatest.

Hi Frank,

I have received the screen. Thank you so much for finishing this as quickly as you did; it is appreciated. I will have a check in the mail for you Monday morning.

Thank you again,

Tima Perrin

Thank you so much for the follow-up on a product that I have already considered to be one of my best investments around the barn!
Sue Schoenherr

Urology Research Laboratory Manager, University of Rochester Medical Center

Well we finally had time over the 4th of July long weekend to install the screens on our back porch. It actually turned out really nice. there were 7 screens It was actually about 15 degrees cooler on the porch this morning after being screened. I’ve attached some before and after pictures for you.



Wanted to thank you for the prompt call back to my questions and great customer service.


Doug A. Hall

I received the screen today and you could not get a better fit on the screen to the door

Thank you. Have a great day.


You are awesome!!! Thanks.


This is not a complaint. In fact, it is exactly the reverse. You may recall that I purchased screens from you and there was a long delivery delay getting them here “down under”. I just want to say that we are so pleased with the quality of the screens. Considering their strength, they were still very easy to install and the finished product is better that we anticipated. So thank you for your patience and understanding and excellent service.


Graham McVie

Sovereign Strait, Graham McVieSovereign Strait KARALEE QLD 4306, AUSTRALIA


Just wanted to let you know I received my screen here in Hawaii. We installed it yesterday. we absolutely love it! Great quality!! Thanks again. I will tell my friends I volunteer with at the humane society.


Please send me your mailing address – I think I still owe for shipping

We LOVE the screen!!



I just wanted to say how happy I was with your garage door screen. First, I ordered the screen on a Friday, and we had it the following Monday (incredibly fast, thank you). Immediately upon opening the box, we can see how well made the screen was. Very heavy duty material, with solid stitching and heavy duty zippers. One of the things I was concerned about was having my dog in the garage and having her rip the screen. But that’s highly unlikely with how well the screen is made.

We mounted the screen from the inside above the garage door header. Our opening was 16×7, so we ordered a 16×8 and permanently affixed the screen to a 16 foot 1×6 board (Velcro on the front and wrapping the screen behind the board) nailed just above the garage door opening. So we open the garage door and let the screen down in between the garage door opening and the inside wall. Then we secure the Velcro to the inside of the door frame where we mounted the adhesive strips.

When I’m done working in the garage, we just roll the screen up between the garage door and have it resting on 2 pegs above the door.T hen the garage door rolls down just below the rolled up screen. Awesome!

Thank you very much for a magnificent product. I’m sure some of my neighbors will be calling as soon as they see my set up.


Naperville, Illinois, Downers Grove, IL 60515

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